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Our Approach

MF Productions collaborates with businesses, nonprofits and individual clients to plan, coordinate and produce events that wonderfully articulate and manifest each client’s vision, purpose and goals. Marinda Freeman, Principal, brings over 40 years experience to creating successful events for her many clients – who still rave about them today.

“We want the public to experience what we call the “expansion of feeling“. Such a feeling should be available from the moment the concertgoer steps into the hall. Everyone, from the ushers to the musicians, should provide the audience with the feeling of being at home and respected and cared for. This is what I mean by expansion of feeling. This is our mission and our purpose. If you step in here, you will be met with love and integrity, the two most important things in life.”
– Wynton Marsalis, Artistic Director of Jazz at Lincoln Center

At MF Productions, we plan and create that expansion of feeling for you and all the guests at your event. From the moment your guests arrive, they will feel welcomed and cared for. We make sure that everyone participating in your event, from the caterer to the entertainment, is aligned with creating an atmosphere of welcome and connection – which is the real purpose of every event.

One of the foundational principles of Event Design is that every event is an experience that meets your goals. You probably know the tenet – start with the end in mind. We start with the experience in mind. Identifying the real purpose of your event is the most important thing we can do to help you. We clarify it and refine it until the vision is realized.

A wonderful vision requires good implementation. Organization is critical. We review every detail and aspect to ensure all are supporting the foundational goals we set out together. We know that order creates more calm and peace of mind – for you, for us and for those attending your event.

No two clients are alike, nor are their event needs the same. At MF Productions, we understand these unique and varied challenges and customize our services to meet every situation. We love to reinvent events and grow annual events. We are so proud that we have been working with many of our clients for over 15 years.

Getting started is easy. We first set up an initial free consultation to discover what you are envisioning and how best to make that happen. We look holistically at your event based on the principles of Event Design. Then we will prepare a detailed proposal outlining the services as discussed which include your criteria, objectives and scope of the event. We can provide the entire event planning and production, or consult with you on the planning or some combination of both. Together, we will determine the right approach for you.

Whatever your event, whatever you desire, let’s talk.
We would be delighted to explore the possibilities with you.