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We love weddings. They are such special, intimate events that epitomize the connection and truth that the experience of the day is what matters most.

Of all the events that a person plans, a wedding is in some ways the most complicated because it‘s all about emotion. From the bride, the groom, the family and the guests, everyone is highly charged with emotion. The last thing the bride needs is to worry about anything on her wedding day. Her thoughts and focus need to be on the beauty and specialness of her day. That’s where we come in to handle every detail. As one of our recent brides said, “You have taken the planning and orchestration of our wedding so much off our plates that I was able to relax and feel the true feelings of marriage.”

On a wedding day, there are two rules always in effect –

    • Everything takes longer than you think
    • It goes by faster than you can imagine.

Whether it’s the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner, the wedding ceremony and reception, or the brunch the next day for family and out of town guests, we make sure every part of each event is impeccably planned.

“If you are worried about the cost of your wedding, like I was, and on top of it not sure a wedding planner is really necessary anyway, hire Marinda. Believe me, she will not only save you far more money than she charges, she will also make your wedding the best event of your life, as it should be. My wife and I are both eternally grateful to her and you will be, too.”
– B. Welch, JD, PhD