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Gala & Nonprofit Fundraisers

Many nonprofits think a fundraiser is about raising money. We work with them to help raise the level of connection with their guests and sponsors, and to help them realize that it’s not about fundraising, it’s about FUNraising and FRIENDraising. When people have fun and create connections, the money will follow.

There are so many ways to design a gala fundraising event. We love the opportunity to work with clients to create the unexpected – the fun surprises that add oomph to a silent auction, and uniqueness to the event spaces and the entertainment. Everything comes together for an experience that the guests that will be talking about for weeks and months and are eager to attend next year’s event.

Nonprofit events do not have to be a big gala affair. There are many options for more intimate, smaller events that create wonderful opportunities for supporters and guests to connect and build stronger relationships with the nonprofit organization staff.

We’d love to design the perfect event for you.